Snow Canyon Medical Clinic

Snow Canyon Clinic
Ivins, Utah

Dr. Gary Jones

Leslie A. Stoker

50,000 sq ft

Snow Canyon Clinic is a small multispecialty clinic located near the mouth of the beautiful Snow Canyon Ivins, Utah. The clinic includes cardiac physiology laboratory, an epilepsy diagnostics and monitoring laboratory, a sleep disorders laboratory, an electrodiagnosis laboratory, a chemotherapy infusion laboratory, a dental clinic, a comprehensive clinical diagnostic laboratory, examination rooms, patient waiting areas and administration office areas.

Whittier Elementary Medical Hub

Whittier Elementary Medical Hub
West Valley City

Granite School District

AJC Architects

14,000 sq ft

This new 14,000 square foot $1.8 million addition to Whittier Elementary was built to help assist students with special medical needs in the district. The addition included new classroom space and restrooms capable of facilitating the needs of the students by including electric ceiling lifts and changing tables. It required very close coordination with the school due to the need ...

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BYU Student Health Center

Student Health Center
Provo, Utah

Brigham Young University

VCBO Architecture

Project Manager
Todd Barney

40,000 sq ft

A new two-story medical facility serving students at Brigham Young University. The facility includes waiting rooms, patient examination rooms, a laboratory x-ray room, offices and meeting space, a lounge, restrooms and locker rooms.

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